Consignment Agreement

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Terms of Contract


I agree to place goods for sale on a consignment basis with The Attic Consignment Inc.  I understand that all items accepted for consignment must be good, clean and functional.  I understand that I will receive 60% of the selling price for the first 90 days and 50% thereafter.


I understand that I must inform The Attic Consignment Inc. of a change of address or phone number.

I understand that I will receive payment for items that I have placed on consignment the following month my item has sold.

I understand that payment will be mailed on the 20th of each month.

I understand that I the consignee assume the risk of any damage, loss or theft to the goods while they are located on The Attic Consignment Inc.’s property.

I understand that any items that are not sold within the 30 day period will be discounted 10% off the original asking price and an additional 10% every 30 day period thereafter.

I understand that I will not be contacted about the pricing or any markdowns.

I understand I have the right to pick up my items after the 90 day period.  I understand that if my items are sold after the 90 day period I receive 50% of the selling price.  The attic Consignment Inc. reserves the right to inform you by phone or in writing to pick up your items.

I understand that I have 14 business days to claim these items.  I understand that after the 14 business day period they are considered abandoned and will become the property of The Attic Consignment Inc.  I will no longer have any claim to them.

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