What is the first step to consign furniture? We have found the easiest way to get started is for you to provide us with pictures of what you want to sell.  Via email, text or bringing by the store a picture of your items on your camera.  This helps us let you know if it something we can sell and an approximate price range.

What percentage do I get? You receive 60% of the selling price for the first 90 days and 50%  if it sells after the 90 day period.

What happens if it does not  sell? Almost all furniture we accept sells. In the  event it does not sell we will contact you to discuss alternatives.( return or donate)

How long do you keep items? We consign for a 90 day period at 60/40 and 50/50 there after. You are welcome to pick up your items up after the 90 day period if they do not sell.

What do we accept for consignment: We accept all types of furniture.  It must be clean, functional and a style that is still desired.***For information on specific items please see consignment section.

Do we pick up furniture?  Yes… We provide a pickup service for a minimum of $75.00.  We pick up quite a bit for this fee but large pickups sometimes require more than one trip and there is an addition fee.

Do we deliver?  Yes… Our delivery fee is also $50.00 and we deliver multiple items for this fee.

Why choose to consign? We provide a service that allows us to market your furniture 6 days a week and do lots of advertising. We are located in a high traffic down town area.   Not only do we have eleven years of experience with consignment furniture but we also provide a pickup and delivery service.

Do we appraise furniture? We do not do any kind of appraisal we set our prices based on what we have sold in the last eleven years of business.

Do we sell antiques? We have sold antiques but our store is not an antique store.  Our inventory changes very rapidly and antiques seem to take longer to sell.  Due to the fact that our store inventory turns rapidly we cannot let antiques sit for over  90 days.  If we are selling antiques we put a price that will motivate customers to buy  them. Consignors’ of antiques may not be able to receive what they consider to be a fair antique market price (or an appraised value).    If it is a true antique we always suggest using an Antique shop.   They will have people looking specifically for antiques.